March 2021

My first ever blog, hopefully the start of many!

'My Woman Cave' - I wanted to write about my studio today, a very important place for me.  Four years ago I moved in to my studio and it has been a game changer for my art and myself as a person.  Having the space away from home has made me focus more but also a feeling of being grateful to have that space and of what I have in my life! It is a creative space, a space I can experiment with materials but it is also a space for thoughts and feelings.  Art is so very therapeutic and meaningful and in the last wee while I am bringing myself onto the canvas more and more, almost a sense there is so much more to come!

My inspiration for my work is mostly from my studio surroundings, very industrial, hard edges, hard metals, colour, shape, texture, all the things I love to use in my paintings!  And some chaos thrown into the mix.  Things I love in abstract paintings.

The studio building itself is a hub of creativity, makers of Spanish guitars, music, visual art, framing, puppet making to name but a few.

It is truly a place of creativity, the arts (visual and performance) and engineering based on the Clyde side.

(Image: red brick building)

July 2021

I have been a bit absent with my writing but lots going on with creating paintings (for a little show in the autumn here in Glasgow- nothing fancy - watch this space) and participating in art courses but also running them and finally being able to travel home to Belgium. 

Yes I still call Belgium home although I have lived in Scotland for thirty-five years now.  Do you ever not call your birth country 'home'.  I did live there for over twenty years after all.  It was great seeing my parents, all a bit emotional as it had been a while as we all know.  I will try and describe to you what being home feels like so bear with me. For me home is a feeling of being held by your surroundings, your culture, the air, the sea (as from a coastal town), when I walk the streets of Ostend, I look at the shops where some close over lunch which I find comforting, it reminds me of going home every lunch hour when I was at secondary school, where my mum would have a hot meal ready.  Sorry it is taking me down memory lane!  And then there is the language, no one speaks Flemish anywhere in the world, yes Dutch but not Flemish! I haven't even mentioned the people, people that matter to me.  I suppose I am trying to say that it is not always just about people, it is about places too.   

(image: 'Muscar Straat', the street where my grandparents lived')

October 2021

This month has been a very busy month with the preparation of my two person pop up show together with Elisabeth Grant here in Glasgow.  Organising a show is very demanding not in just creating the work but preparing the space and of course the very important marketing.  People think it is easy creating a few paintings and then selling.  For me it is certainly a roller coaster ride of emotions, have I done enough, should I have done it differently, continuously asking/assessing what is next.  And then of course the dreaded question will people like my work.  It is suppose to get easier the more you do it but I am not sure.  I suppose I feel I put my vulnerability on the line and will people walk all over it or will they shower me with rose petals and that will only become clear on the opening night.  I have to say this opening night was definitely rose petals!  Opening night was amazing for both of us even the final few days were amazing, people were so interested in our work and I am forever grateful!

March 2022

March already!  Time just flies. Now that we are coming out at the other end of the pandemic things are opening up again.  It feels good!  I am now in the midst of preparing for the Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair that is happening in May.  I am nervous about it as this is my first one!  I will have hiccups but I know deep down this is going to be a huge learning curve. There is a myriad of things to do obviously from getting the paintings done and framed but there is also the marketing, letting as many people know that I will have a stand. I have to say I am one of those people that likes to get a paper invite in the post, it is also a lovely reminder of the show/fair but most importantly having that invite makes me not forget about the fair as at times I have forgotten after reading an email. 

I hope to see some of you there, it is on from 27 to 29 May, check out Instagram @glasgow_contemporary_art_fair for more details.

I better get back to the preparations.  Until my next post or should I say blog.

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