Pascale is a Belgian artist living and working in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Pascale's work is predominantly non-objective, all about visual stimulation influenced by the environment around us always evolving as nothing stays the same.  Pascale works with acrylics and mixed media on canvas or wood where she builds up layers and takes away layers, it is all about adding and subtracting.

Pascale works full time in her Glasgow studio.


It is about making space to allow the emerging feelings and emotion that will not arrive until numerous layers have been put on or taken away.  The first layers are always about removing the 'noises' inside me, of finding a way to quieten the voice - the critic, the judgment, the superficial.  The work itself only emerges to me through layers of complexity in colour and texture, seeking a space to reveal the authentic voice within.

How do I know when it is complete?  I have an overwhelming sense of inner peace and contentment.  Of course that is until the next day ...


Practical courses

Art2Life Creative Visionary Program on line with Nicholas Wilton, 2021 and 2019

Connected Artist Club on line with Alice Sheridan, 2020/2021/2022

Portraiture with mixed media on line with Caren Ginsberg, 2020/21

Introduction to abstraction on line with Jenny Nelson, 2020/ 21

Summer school - portraiture with Suzanne Taylor, 2018, Glasgow School of Art

Exploring Colour with Donald Sutherland, 2017/18, Glasgow School of Art

Summer school - acrylic painting with Conor Kelly, 2016, Glasgow School of Art

Portraiture with Jim Ramsay, 2014/15, Glasgow School of Art

Portraiture with Jim Ramsay, 2012/13, Glasgow School of Art

Academic Courses

Hepworth to Hockney - British Art 1930-1960, 2017 at Glasgow University

Art History - the art of the 20th century, 2016/2017 at Glasgow University

Art Psychotherapy, 2014/15 at Glasgow University

Postgraduate diploma in person centred counselling, 2003-05 at Strathclyde University

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